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Playing with dolls


I was procrastinating in setting up this blog until I saw this item:

My Fake Baby: Living Doll

(Click on the link above to view the clip and see if your jaw doesn’t drop.)

This a new British documentary about adult women who buy handcrafted dolls (called “Re-Borns”) and treat them like real infants. Sort of like men who buy those Real Dolls (see Lars and the Real Girl) and treat them like sex toys girlfriends.

As a single woman who dodges the same questions over and over again (“Why aren’t you married yet?” or “Why no kids?” My answer: Just lucky, I guess) my take is this:

Are you kidding me?

Does anyone think to perhaps steer these women to therapy? There must be a huge, gaping emotional hole in their lives for them to PLAYING WITH DOLLS. Yes, even though they must cost a small fortune (I’m guessing half the cost of a Real Doll) they are no better than the “lifelike” Thumbelina doll I had when I was seven years old.

Why is it that a single woman cannot feel complete unless they shoot out a kid? I especially like the reactions of their parters. Not only are these women childless they will soon become divorced, too.

To my dearest friends: if I ever become mad and buy one of these, and if you do care deeply about me, shoot me in the head. Please.

Note: School- and industry-related posts will begin next week.


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